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Memory and cognitive ability are the two most important functions of the human brain. Dementia patients suffer from a condition which causes a gradual loss of memory and reduces the cognitive abilities of the brain. 


Dementia has a number of adverse effects on a person’s physical and mental abilities, increased agitation, and other difficult behaviours. These cognitive and behavioural symptoms of dementia make the person dependent on their family and loved ones. 


The inevitable decline in cognitive and physical abilities caused by dementia has a detrimental effect on dementia sufferers as well as those who provide care for them. The caregivers of dementia patients need to be well-trained and well-equipped not only with the knowledge of medicine but also with the knowledge of emotions. 


There are a limited number of dementia care homes in Delhi that provide such dual care for dementia patients. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Jagruti Dementia Centre offers the best dementia care in Delhi. We provide a holistic approach of dementia care by giving the dementia patients encouragement, empowerment and engagement. This approach considers the medical as well as the emotional well-being of dementia patients at an affordable price.

We will support your loved one in continuing to live safely and peacefully in a setting similar to their own home. This homely feeling will ensure the patient’s comfort so as to alter their behavioural and cognitive symptoms.

What Makes Jagruti Care Centre Unique?

For the well-being and convenience of persons with dementia and their loved ones, We offer best alzheimers disease treatment in Delhi. With affordable dementia care offered at our dementia care centre in Delhi, Jagruti enables old-age people to live out their final years in comfort without having to worry about their safety. 

  • Our dementia treatment in Delhi includes identifying and diagnosing early symptoms of dementia, coupling dementia treatment along with the treatment for other illnesses, recognising and addressing behavioural and psychological symptoms, and assisting at-home carers in cases of outpatient therapy. 
  • We need to determine whether there are any illnesses that may be treated, such as vitamin deficiencies, hypothyroidism, depression, tumours, etc. 
  • Alongside these treatments, We try to ensure improvements in the cognitive and behavioural symptoms in the patients. 
  • While this illness is almost irreversible, with good care and the right atmosphere, the symptoms can be prevented from getting worsened. With this motivation, at Jagruti, we give the patients the care they need and the homely-atmosphere they want.

We, at Jagruti, offer individualised and specially crafter treatments 

Our efforts focus on offering our residents the highest quality of life possible through a variety of highly individualised and carefully crafted specialised dementia treatment and care programmes in Delhi. The dementia care at Jagruti is tailored to meet the needs of each unique person. 


We treat people with dementia with kindness, compassion, and dignity in an environment that truly resembles a home. To the best of their abilities, they should be engaged and active in their community, be surrounded by friends, and live out their golden years with dignity and respect. 


With this in mind, we continuously monitor and support them as they get dementia therapy, helping them with anything from everyday tasks to regaining some of their lost physical and cognitive abilities. We make the days of dementia patients happier at our old age home in Delhi.

Other Treatments.

Dementia Care

At our dementia care centres in India, we focus on providing high-quality dementia care to our residents. Our focus is not just on providing your loved one with basic needs but also on ensuring that they are always happy. We do every bit we can to ensure that your loved one is happy and content. Our staff is trained to deal with dementia patients in a sensitive manner. They are trained to provide care while being respectful of the person’s individuality.


Jagruti is the Best Alzheimers Disease Treatment in India, our team of caregivers provide the best Alzheimer’s Care in India. We are dedicated to providing world-class care and treatment for people suffering with Alzheimer. With our years of experience in Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment, we have been able to provide the best possible care to people suffering with this disease. When you choose us, you can be confident that your loved on will receive the best care possible.


We can also help you with Schizophrenia Treatment. We have developed a unique and effective treatment for Schizophrenia which has given very good results to our clients. Schizophrenia can be treated with the right combination of medications and therapy. At our schizophrenia treatment centre in India, we believe in combining medication and therapy, to give our clients the best possible results. You no longer have to worry about your loved one’s suffering from the long-term effects of schizophrenia. We can help you to help them get their lives back on track.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be a stressful and debilitating disorder that affects not only the person suffering from it but also their family and friends. People who suffer from OCD need specialised treatment that helps them cope with the symptoms and manage their disorder.Fortunately, Jagruti Dementia Centre is one of the Best OCD Treatment Centre in India, providing comprehensive services for those with OCD and related disorders. When it comes to treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), patients need the best care available.

What Kind of Treatment Does A Dementia Patient Need?

  • The early and precise diagnosis of a patient’s dementia is very important to us at our centre so that we can support them better and more quickly as they cope with this chronic illness. 
  • Many patients go through disruptive behaviour as their dementia worsens. Aggression and restlessness are a part of this.  Both the individual and the caretaker may find this behaviour disturbing and difficult to handle. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if a person with dementia acts aggressively, they are not to be blamed and put on spot. 
  • An underlying medical condition, such as discomfort or a negative pharmaceutical side effect, may be the cause of behavioural issues. At our centre, we employ a variety of psychological techniques to lessen their difficult behaviours. We pay close attention to the individuals receiving dementia therapy and adjust as necessary.
  • Dementia patients may show resistance to basic everyday tasks including eating, dressing, and washing. This is typically a reaction to them feeling out of control, disturbed, scared, or in pain. The caretakers at Jagruti care centre deal with a number of similar situations on a daily basis. 
  • We ensure that such symptoms of dementia are dealt with utmost care, patience and empathy for the person with dementia. 
  • We also ensure that our patients interact with nature on a daily basis. The patients indulge in playful activities that also help them connect with each other to build the emotional well-being of our patients.


The symptoms of dementia patients are not only to be slowed down but also managed properly in a harmless way. We employ psychosocial interventions for managing these symptoms. These techniques include cognitive stimulation, validation therapy, behavioural therapy, family therapy, etc. For this, the Jagruti care centre in Delhi has a special team of trained psychologists who conduct these techniques as part of the dementia care and treatment


Jagruti Dementia Care in Delhi centre caters to the tasks of day-to-day management and psychosocial requirements of people with dementia in a dementia-friendly secure atmosphere. Through the treatments of brain stimulation, authentication therapy, behaviour modification, family counselling, we ensure a holistic treatment and care of people with dementia. 

Elderly dementia patients demand constant attention, monitoring and supervision. Our dementia care centre in Delhi strives to offer empathetic care, world-class therapies, and home-like facilities.

What People Say.

Our Centres.

Jagruti Dementia Care Centre is a leading provider of quality and compassionate care for individuals living with dementia in the community. Our centre provides a safe and secure environment where seniors can live out their days with dignity, respect, and purpose.


Sushmita Building, Ahead Fatima Devi School, Near Subway, Malad East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400097


Farm, Zhagade Wasti, Near Loni Toll Naka, Solapur - Pune Highway, Manjri, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 412307

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B-17, Sector 30, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


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Frequently Asked Questions.

It is very common for mentally ill patients to show an elevated rate of aggressive and hostile behavior, and patients that are diagnosed with psychosis are four times more likely to commit some violent and aggressive acts. Therefore, ensuring that the staff and teams are competent in handling the patient is more than essential. Sometimes, restraining the patient is enough to take their hostile behavior. However, during other times when the situation is too out of control, there is no other choice but to administer certain medications to keep the patient under control.
The most important aspect of providing care to dementia patients is ensuring they can keep as much control as they want. It is crucial to ensure that we respect the patient’s personal space. This will make them feel more secure around the house or the treatment facility. Try to build quiet time into the day and fill the spaces with entertaining activities. Keep some well-loved objects and photos near them so they can feel they belong.
One might face many difficulties when providing care and attention to a dementia patient. Some of the common issues include dealing with the impact of dementia and memory on the loved ones, handling the emotional toll and stress on self, keeping patient with the loved ones who are suffering from dementia, daily activities, keeping the loved ones motivated and positive, finances, health, managing medications, time management, etc. In addition, since dementia patients require a lot of attention and care, it can sometimes be difficult for caregivers to manage their own lives.
People with dementia require a more homely and humble setting to operate correctly. Hence, it is essential to ensure they are provided with the right place to feel safe and secure. For most dementia patients, a simple environment such as their home or adult family home can be the best setting. It is also vital to ensure that the setting has proper lighting to avoid confusion and mishaps. For patients with dementia, familiarity is an ongoing challenge, so it is essential to find a place where they will feel safe.
Dementia is a type of mental condition that affects a person’s memory and brings about a lot of cognitive and psychological changes. There is one cause of dementia, and it is the damage that is caused to the nerve cells or the loss of nerve cells in the brain. Depending on the exact area of the brain that has faced the damage, dementia can affect different people and cause different symptoms. Trauma to the brain cells is considered to be one of the significant causes of dementia, but in some rare cases, the condition is hereditary in patients.
It is crucial to develop the right strategy for providing dementia care to patients to ensure that the person can lead an improved life. Caregivers and loved ones need to understand the person who is suffering from dementia on a deeper level so that they can provide person-centered care as well as support. Sometimes, the patients might require support to convey their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Hence, finding the right support system is essential only if we have a proper strategy for offering dementia care to patients.

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