Dr. Amar Shinde



Dr. Amar Shinde


Lead psychiatrist and founder, has extensive knowledge of mental health and addiction recovery. Through the Jagruti Rehab and consulting, he has helped more than 10,000 individuals.



Over 16 years of experience as a psychiatrist


English, Hindi, Marathi

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Full-Time Psychiatrist


Dr. Amar Shinde, a graduate of BJ Medical College in Pune, served as a professor and subsequently as a senior psychiatrist at Regional Mental Hospital Yerawada, Pune, one of the major mental hospitals in India. Since 2007, he has also served as a Consultant Psychiatrist at Pune's Noble Hospital. After a few years in the field, he realized that rehabilitation provides comprehensive treatment for these individuals. As a result, he, his coworkers, and his family established the Jagruti Rehabilitation Center in Pune, Maharashtra. The mission was to aid those with mental health, substance abuse, and geriatric concerns by providing them with high-caliber care and therapy.

Dr. Amar Shinde's mission is to build a world-class rehabilitation facility where both patients and their loved ones may enjoy the highest possible standard of living. As so, it would be a significant step forward for the evolution of psychotherapeutic care in india. In its current role, Jagruti investigates new treatments for schizophrenia and dementia alongside pharmaceutical firms.

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Dr. Amar Shinde
(M.B.B.S , D.P.M , F.I.P.S.)
Consulting Neuro Psychiatrist

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